Pheasant Brand – A Project Upland Official Teaser

A Project Upland Original Film that highlights the western culture of wild pheasant hunting.

Stan VanArsdel has been chasing birds across the Pacific Northwest for over fifty years. When he’s not operating his commercial fishing boat in Alaska, riding his horse across Eastern Washington, or performing recess duty at his grandkids’ school, you can find him in a field with his pair of American Brittanys in hot pursuit of wild pheasant. Keep up if you can because, at 73 years old, he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Project Upland is excited to launch Season 3 with a wild pheasant hunting film from Idaho and Washington state. Pheasant Brand is a story about an Alaskan fishing boat captain who finds his escape in the uplands in pursuit of wild ring-neck pheasant. Stan, armed with his American Brittany’s, is part of the western fabric of pheasant hunting.

A film by Chet Hervey.

Full Film Coming soon…

Last modified: September 6, 2018

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Pheasant Brand – A Project Upland Official Teaser

  1. Darrel M Feasel says:

    Really enjoy the videos, keep them coming!

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