Gun Dog Confidential – Official Trailer 2017

June 18th, 2017 – The Official Release of the Gun Dog Confidential Series

Project Upland is proud to present the next chapter of the bird hunting epic series. Gun Dog Confidential is a series of inspiring films, how-to videos, and articles to help the first time gun dog handler succeed. Through various expert opinions and novice perspectives, we will show a wealth of information in visually and creative methods. Our goal is to help retain the information for the next generation of upland hunters.

In our Gun Dog Confidential films, we will show personal and inspiring journeys in the world of gun dogs through a style that has come to be associated with Project Upland. We will release three films over the next three months: All About the Dogs, Plant A Seed, and Sport of Kings. From an upcoming youth dog handler, a veteran dog trainer, and a unique look at training dogs with birds of prey, these films will capture our hearts and imaginations.

The cornerstone of this project is the series of “How-To” videos that will change the way we look at YouTube and informational film.  These training videos won’t just deliver important information on gun dog training. They’ll also explore the history, science, and alternate opinions that have built this incredible culture. In the first series of release, we will release two training videos on entry level subjects as well as a documentary on a gun dog profile.

The most unique aspect of this platform is a proactive first hand novice perspective on the challenges of training our first gun dogs. These articles (rather, confessions) range from accounts of failures and obstacles to the daily life of first hand home training. We’ve created the Gun Dog Confidential platform to lift the veil on the often intimidating world of gun dog training. It is about the future of this important tradition and the preservation of the history behind it.

Gun Dog Confidential will show varying opinions on the same subjects from professional and experienced dog trainers throughout the world. From the day we decide to get a puppy to the final days afield, this is the most epic gun dog story ever told.

This project has been brought to you in part by Dogtra- “World’s Finest E-Collars”

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