Revel in the First – Official Trailer and Teaser

An Idaho bird hunting film like no other.

Hell’s Canyon has a reputation for being hard on its guests. Chukar have a more infamous track record as being the pursuit of the insane. It is said that “The first chukar you shoot is for fun; all others after that are for revenge.” The allure of both these difficult propositions brought Anthony Ferro on a bird hunting road trip to challenge himself and his German shorthaired pointers.

The title Revel in the First comes from Anthony’s passion for first-time experiences. Whether it’s a first bird species, a dog’s first point, a new challenge defeated (or not), the first has a passion like no other time after.

The hunt in Hell’s Canyon Idaho proved to be a difficult one. But Anthony’s persistence paid off. As he pushed on, things finally came together and he got what he came for. This compelling journey began with a gun dog. As Anthony put it:

“I fell in love with upland hunting because I fell in love with a gun dog.”

No matter what time of the year you will find Anthony in uplands training, planning, and when the time comes, hunting.

Faith in a Gun Dog – Revel in the First – Official Teaser

“We kneel to you, Father, in thanks for another day,

As it’s by your will I’m here for more birds need lay.

May the breeze be steady and our companion’s nose be true,

May the scent cones be large and the coveys full brood.

Father, I pray my shot be straight upon the opportunity of harvest,

As we hunt public land for this quarry we’ve traveled the farthest.

May my body hold up to the task at hand,

And my intuition be that of a simple man.

For these dogs are servants gifted upon your grace,

The grin we share in your glory not waste.

We pray that you humble us with your works of art,

As nature is by far the beat to our heart.

Tried and true our pointers obey,

In God’s glory we pray for a limit today.”

Last modified: August 10, 2018

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