Bird Hunting Blogs

Five Bird Hunting Blogs that Bring us to the 21st Century

Not all bird hunting blogs are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to the modernization of any blog, even bird hunting blogs and wing shooting blogs. There is some decent content on some old sites but the push for modern and original content seems to be slow at best. The building of new high quality and well branded bird hunting blogs seems to be stagnant. Nevertheless, there are some people looking to push bird hunting blogs into the 21st century.

Project Upland– Bird Hunting Blogs

No there was no way we were about to leave ourselves out of this mess. We originally started as bird hunting videos series only to grow into a full on upland hunting lifestyle brand. So, that meant the need for not just high quality bird hunting blogs but also creative angles. Our first hit bird hunting blog transcended us from the world of deer hunting to grouse hunting in ‘4 Reasons to be a Deer Hunter and a Grouse Hunter’. Now we have grown into viral content with outside of the box topics that continue to support our bird hunting videos series.

Ruffed Grouse Society– Bird Hunting Blogs

No list would be complete without a conservation cause. The Ruffed Grouse Society just happens to not only be a non-profit but also at the forefront of the fight for healthy forests. Whether its video blogging with the ‘Grouse Camp Tour’ or there ‘Why we Hunt’ series. The Ruffed Grouse Society pushes to make both Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock conservation modern and hip.

Basic Huntsman– How To Hunting Blogs

Basic Huntsman is as about hipster as a “how to” hunting blog can get. Their style and angles give original edges to hunting content that may have seemed not only dull and boring but information difficult to find for a beginning hunter. They did not stop short at the more popular hunting topics like deer hunting and turkey hunting. They deliver high quality bird hunting blogs from as basic as picking a wingshooting gun to basic steps to finding good grouse cover. Certainly worth keeping an eye on!

Northwoods’r– Upland Hunting Blogs

Take two hardcore upland hunters that have a passion for not just the iconic Ruffed Grouse but bird dogs, double guns, and the nostalgia of upland hunting traditions and you get the bird hunting blog, Northwoods’r. This blog gives us a taste of an older style of writing with a modern face. Reflections on days afield often referencing the classic writers like Burton Spiller and George Bird Evans. This is the place to take a stroll down bird hunting blogs memory lane.

The Modern Wild– Upland Hunting Lifestyle Brand and Blogs

The Modern Wild only recently started bird hunting blogs. Originally an upland hunting hipster clothing line they have started the accent to full on lifestyle bird hunting brand. There is a lot of promise in what will come of this website as they have a reputation for creative style and modern twists on old traditions.