Best Bird Hunting Videos of 2016

2016 marked the release of the best bird hunting videos series Project Upland

This important year changed how bird hunting videos are produced. A once considered archaic and stagnant realm in outdoor production now received the attention it deserved. To be frank we opened a can of worms to invite other creatives to produce the best bird hunting videos. Although we pride ourselves on the original mold be broken on Ruffed Grouse hunting videos we welcome new angles and inspiration into this important culture. Here is our pick of the best bird hunting videos we produced in 2016 and why.

Searching- A New England Bird Hunting Videos

This was the first film we ever produced in the world of the best bird hunting videos for Dangerous Cow Publishing. It was produced with no intention of it ever going further than a deer hunter gone Ruffed Grouse crazy in the northwoods of New England. It was a personal project at the time and nothing more. Somehow this video sparked the involvement of the Ruffed Grouse Society and the eventual funding to make the Project Upland bird hunting videos series.

The Experience- A Short Bird Hunting Video

This film defined the extremes of short films. Coming in at a short 3 minutes it was designed to be watched while being unproductive at work to inspire daydreaming of upland bird hunting. Well it worked, as one of our highest viewed films to date this short captures the emotions that many of us often associate with the outdoors. A random man from New Hampshire elevated to an iconic level by simply sharing the truth of the grouse woods. This will remain as one of the fundamental building blocks of this best bird hunting videos series.

Because They’re Wild- A Ruffed Grouse Society Bird Hunting Video

The Ruffed Grouse Society stands as an important part of the bird hunting culture in North America. An important conservation cause that promotes forest diversity to secure the future of healthy forests. Having an organization of this caliber was not only important to the credibility of this project but also gave it more meaning. Because of that the  film ‘Because They’re Wild’ took Northeast Regional Director Tripp Way became one o fthe best bird hunting videos we produced. We follow Tripp, through an important journey of both the personal fight and public fight for ruffed grouse and American woodcock conservation. This film solidifies the important fact that the iconic Ruffed Grouse is only a wild bird. A bird that can never be pen raised or farmed only adding to the allure to the king of the birds.

2017 will mark the release of a second installment of Project Upland Bird Hunting Videos. Taking us all over the United States in an even more cinematic and romantic view of the original and best bird hunting videos series.

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