A.J. DeRosa Author

Founder/Creative Director of Dangerous Cow Publishing. A.J. DeRosa is an American filmmaker most notably for the award winning Project Upland Bird Hunting Series. He is also the critically acclaimed author of The Urban Deer Complex and considered one of the foremost authorities on suburban deer behavior in the country. A.J. has a passion for sustainable living and the fight for conservation.

I Need More Training than my Gun Dog

Our own abilities, and dedication are the solid foundation of gun dog training – Confessions of a first time gun dog trainer As I...

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Why Upland Hunters Need to Share their Covers

The future of upland hunting is more important than our personal needs. I hate to use the word “I” almost as much as I hate to...

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Hunting Photography- Reinventing the Upland Hero Shot

Hunting photography has a strong foundation in the hero shot and the upland community is no exception. So what is the hero shot? In...

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Small Game Hunting, Big Hunting Adventure

Small Game Hunting can offer a big adventure at an affordable price. Many of us think of Big Game hunting when we think of the great...

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The Many Names of the American Woodcock

5 memorable nicknames of the American Woodcock While on the road this year I heard many names for the American Woodcock. Some of these I...

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